December 7 – Public Information Meeting on Main Street Streetscape Project

main st google streetviewIt took almost exactly one year, but we finally get the follow-up MassDOT public meeting we and others requested at the 25% design hearing for this project. Join us on Wednesday, December 7, in the offices of the Central Mass Regional Planning Commission, upstairs at Union Station. The meeting begins at 6:30pm, meaning doors open at 6:00pm for the public to view the plans and pose questions to the engineers.

WBW and downtown stakeholders got a peek at the revised plans a couple months ago. The city and its designers took the public comments seriously and have made improvements (although bi-level sidewalks remain in places). At that meeting, the City Manager spoke of his commitment to downtown as a destination and the important role of the project in promoting this goal. The city recently received a MassWorks grant that will help extend the exciting changes of this project south to the Chandler/Madison intersection as well as north to Highland Street. While not the subject of this MassDOT public meeting, these extensions are another important piece of downtown revitalization and it is critical that all work be coordinated.

See you December 7!

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