WalkBike Worcester (WBW) works to make walking and bicycling in Worcester more safe, pleasant and convenient. WBW was founded in 2011 as a work group of the Worcester Food and Active Living Policy Council to carry forward the active transportation priorities identified through the City of Worcester’s Mass in Motion grant.

We work to bring the “complete streets” approach into multiple city plans, policies and practices and increase public support for it. We comment on designs for federally funded, large-scale transportation improvements, but we emphasize the substantial opportunities the city has to change our built environment incrementally through its use of local tax levy dollars and state funding. We believe greater potential lies in influencing the ongoing investment in our transportation facilities to produce environments that enable, encourage, and reward people to leave their cars at home and get to destinations under their own power.

WalkBike Worcester represents a broad range of organizational partners and a growing list of Worcester residents eager to see our community safer and more friendly to walkers and cyclists. We are continually amazed at how the concept of complete streets sells itself: when you introduce people to the idea that streets should explicitly accommodate all users, they immediately begin to see how the streetscape around them could be changed.


  • Improve non-motorized connections among neighborhoods, to public transit, and to destinations such as shops, parks, schools, and services
  • Calm traffic, and improve safety
  • Reduce environmental and climatic impact of transportation
  • Encourage daily physical activity to combat obesity and other health problems
  • Increase transportation option for populations with lower access to personal vehicles, including low-income individuals, the young, and college students

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